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Ok so I have already posted about this new social media website called tsu. But why am I posting about it more? Well I think it is important to understand how Facebook, twitter, Instagram  all work. They use the artists, the creators, the writers who are making and sharing beautiful art while the corporations make money off of ad revenue and selling the users (our) information to 3rd parties. This is why Facebook’s stock is over 85 a share profiting off of others creativity, we as the creators are entitled to the revenue of what WE create! This is why I think tsu is an amazing idea it shares 90% of the ad revenue back to the content creators, which is all of us! If tsu itself doesn’t change the world of social media I believe it will certainly create a loud statement that profiting off of others art & families sharing their summer vacation photographs is a hard pill to swallow.

So this will be my last public advertisement for the site, I just think we need to take control. Because the people have the power, not the corporations or the websites, it is the people that buy from the corporations and the people who add content onto the social media sites. Tsu just hit one million users in one month it is growing fast. You need to join from someones referral so here is my link please go add me & most importantly add beauty and creativity into a new community!

9 thoughts on “Check out tsu

  1. Featured E-Magazine says:

    I would beware of such promises. You never get something for nothing. I think TSU is sending the wrong message personally. It has the earmark of a ‘get rich quick scam’ and ‘pyramiding’. Good luck, I hope it works out, but I will not be giving any information to TSU.

    1. michaeltcoe says:

      You have a great point however I don’t know what “information” you are giving tsu, since every social media site or website for that matter sells your information. It is no different from Google selling your search patterns to 3rd parties. I agree with you the site may be a bust however the idea is great and it works just like YouTube which pays their content creators. The world is evolving and so will how our online experiences are made.

      1. Featured E-Magazine says:

        In a nut shell, it’s a pyramid scam and will likely go by way of the dust when the 7 million dollar venture capitalist and others make their money. And believe me, it won’t be me and you making the money. Right now, all the ‘money’ made in your bank account is virtual money, simple fairy dust. I’ll tell you more next week. Doing a significant amount of research on it now.

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