Punk Rock and Politics Mixtape Vol.1

This Episode of the Punk Rock and Politics Podcast will look back at all the pervious artists that have joined us in the political mosh pit from episodes #4-21!

Here is the track listing in order:

  1. Gregory II – Everyday
  2. Nervous Defects – BSD
  3. Stalins of Sound – Functional Regressive
  4. After The Burn – Conspiracy
  5. Amber Lamps – Adrenaline
  6. Trapdoor Social – Never Stop Listening
  7. All The Rage – Everything I Couldn’t Tell You
  8. David Dorenfeld – Ahimsa
  9. Life Lessons – Ivy
  10. Transience – Xenophobe
  11. Used to be ME – Glue
  12. American Standards – Writers Block Party
  13. Thunder and Roses – White Lace and Strange
  14. Artificial Spring –I’ve Found It To Be True
  15. Reagan Youth – USA
  16. At The Courthouse – Upon Deaf Ears
  17. Magic Child and the Glass Regime – Songs for Ghosts
  18. Nights Like Thieves – I Collide
  19. KoolBeef Productions – Hype Damagers

Thanks for all your support and we’ll see you in the political mosh pit!




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